DeFiChain Cockpit

Welcome to the DeFiChain Cockpit Dashboard

The Cockpit is a tool where you can configure custom dashboards and set notifications for DeFiChain

Version 0.92 - 17.09.2022


DeFiChainCockpit presentation

Defichain Cockpit - Vorstellung Live

Version Date Change
0.92 17.09.2022 - Bugfixes and small Ui changes
- Backend bugfixes to improve stability
- Announce beta test on twitter
- Show DexFee and dUSD negative interest rates on homescreen
0.91 11.09.2022 - Add password recovery for logins using email and telegram
- (Hopefully) fixed telegram/user assigment bug
- Added this page
0.90 09.09.2022 - Start of the beta-release with announcement on telegram channels

Release Feature
09/2022 - Collect feedback from community and fix bugs
- [Portfolio] Show calculated income per day/week/month
- [Portfolio] Show portfolio value in USD, DFI and BTC (also historic)
10/2022 - Public release - Handle Stock-splits automatic so no admin interaction is needed
- Light mode
11/2022 - Show DEX Widget Chart with candlesticks
- Provide our collected data per api endpoints
- Additional notification trigger for auctions
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